Lee surname Marriages, Connecticut


(Probably thirty-five percent of all marriage records prior to 1800 have been lost, burned or destroyed. We have omitted all marriages lacking in dates or localities.)

Lee, Abigail and Stephen Cady, 20 March, 1723, N. Killingly, Conn.

Lee, Abigail and John Gillett, 30 December, 1726, Lebanon, Conn.

Lee, Abigail and Benjamin Hyde, 1 May, 1740, Lyme, Conn.

Lee, Abigail and Charles Lord, 19 Dec, 1799, Lisbon, Conn.

Lee, Abijah and Abiel Smith, 28 May, 1752, Chatham, Conn.

Lee, Amanda and Mark Hopkins, 3 July, 1800, Farmington, Conn.

Lee, Anna and David Lyman, 27 May, 1736, Lebanon, Conn.

Lee, Anna and Zachariah Marvin, Jr., 23 July, 1761, Lyme, Conn.

Lee, Anna and Caleb Strong, 29 March, 1770, Middletown, Conn.

Lee, Anne and Stephen Meeker, 25 March, 1 768, Redding, Conn.

Lee, Asahel and Hannah Stark, 2 Dec, 1730, Lebanon, Conn.

Lee, Betsy and Hamlin, 13 June, 1809, Salisbury, Conn.

Lee, Bliss and Martha Barnes, 10 March, 1796, Middletown, Conn.

Lee, Catherine and Elijah Ely, 14 Feb., 1765, Lyme, Conn.

Lee, Dan and Lurania Champlin, 25 Nov., 1779, Lyme, Conn.

Lee, Dan and Keziah Fox, 25 Nov., 1784, Norwich, Conn.

Lee, Daniel and Hester Banks, 16 Nov., 1768, Fairfield, Conn.

Lee, Daniel P. and Polly Miller, 14 Feb.. 1796, Lyme. Conn.

Lee, David and Mary Tilden, 24 June, 1735, Lebanon, Conn.

Lee, Edward and Elizabeth Wright, 7 Nov., 1676, Guilford, Conn.

Lee, Elijah and Abia Ward, 20 Oct., 1791, Middletown, Conn.

Lee, Elisha and Abigail Murdock, 4 Oct., 1761, Saybrook, Conn.

Lee, Elisha, Jr. and Sally Smith, 2 June, 1785, New London, Conn.

Lee, Elizabeth and Thomas Whitmore, Jr., 5 Dec, 1718, N. Killingly, Conn.

Lee, Elizabeth and Peter Roe, 28 Aug., 1749, Simsbury, Conn.

Lee, Elizabeth and Isaac Bow, 18 May, 1775, Middletown, Conn.

Lee, Enos, Jr. and Ruth Bates, 22 April, 1778, Redding, Conn.

Lee, Esther and Nathaniel Daniels, 27 May, 1762, Thompson, Conn.

Lee, Eunice and Abner Brown, 30 Dec, 1760, New London, Conn.

Lee, Eunice and Gift Hills, 25 Feb., 1768, Farmington, Conn.

Lee, Eunice and Ezra Witter, 21 Jan., 1796, Lisbon, Conn.

Lee, Ezra and Rebecca Southworth, 9 Oct., 1740, Lyme, Conn.

Lee, Ezra and Sarah Hackley, 15 Nov., 1769, Lebanon, Conn.

Lee, Hannah and John Lay, 27 Jan., 1 737, Lyme, Conn.

Lee, Hannah and Samuel Ward, 25 Dec, 1771, North Canaan, Conn.

Lee, Hannah and Joseph Ward. 17 April, 1775, Middletown, Conn.

Lee, Hannah and Jared S. Harrison, 27 Oct., 1808, Salisbury, Conn.

Lee, Isaac and Esther Green, 15 Aug., 1731, Thompson, Conn.

Lee, Isaac and Sarah Adams, widow, 18 Sept., 1777, Thompson, Conn.

Lee, Col. Isaac and Mary Hall, widow, 9 Oct., 1783, Wallingford, Conn.

Lee, Isabella and Hector Eggleston, 7 Sept., 1823, Barkhamsted. Conn.

Lee, Dr. James and Hepsibah Lord, 30 Sept., 1793, New London, Conn.

Lee, Jane and Aaron Gun, 3 April, 1750, New London, Conn.

Lee, Jane and Nathan Lattimore, May, 1753, New London, Conn.

Lee, Jane and John Gun, 24 June, 1753, New London, Conn.

Lee, Jerusha and Ezekial Chapman, 14 Dec, 1768, Lebanon, Conn.

Lee, Joel and Alice Lee, widow, 7 July, 1791, Thompson, Conn.

Lee, Johanna and William Hays, 4 Sept., 1723, Simsbury, Conn.

Lee, John and Lydia Allen, 14 March, 1723, New London, Conn.

Lee, John and Margaret Wilson, 13 March, 1725, N. Killingly, Conn.

Lee, John and Elizabeth Chaffee, 29 March, 1748, Thompson, Conn.

Lee, Jona. and Elizabeth Metcalfe, 3 Sept., 1744, Lebanon, Conn.

Lee, Joseph and Prudence Curtiss, 8 Jan., 1750, Torrington. Conn.

Lee, John and Ha^nnah Leavens, 15 July, 1770, N. Killingly. Conn.

Lee, Joseph, Jr. and Huldah Post, 7 April, 1774, Saybrook, Conn.

Lee, Josiah and Mary Christophers, 6 Nov., 1774, New London, Conn.

Lee, Lathrop and Abigail Barns, 23 Feb., 1797, Middletown, Conn.

Lee, Laura and Thaddeus Fuller, 10 Oct., 1821, Barkhamsted. Conn.

Lee, Lois and Aaron Perrin, 30 April, 1812, Vernon, Conn.

Lee, Lorenzo P. and Jeannette Hills, 3 Nov., 1828, New Britain, Conn.

Lee, Lucinda and Elias Mather, 17 Oct., 1771, Lyme, Conn.

Lee, Lucy and Amos Tinker, 17 Jan., 1717, Lyme, Conn.

Lee, Lydia and Uriah Roland, 14 Oct., 1737, Lyme, Conn.

Lee, Lydia and Hezekiah Smith, 11 Jan., 1759, Redding, Conn.

Lee, Lydia and Lebbeus Peck, 17 June, 1784, Lyme, Conn.

Lee, Mabel and Daniel Luddington, 16 April, 1773, Farmington. Conn.

Lee, Margaret and Sam Smith, 22 Dec, 1726, Simsbury, Conn.

Lee, Margaret and Green Plombe, 22 March, 1758, New London, Conn.

Lee, Margaret and Thomas Foster, 29 Oct., 1772, Middletown, Conn.

Lee, Martha and Samuel Chapman, 2 Nov., 1775, Saybrook, Conn.

Lee, Mary and Peter Bruster, 18 Feb., 1731, Lebanon, Conn.

Lee, Mary and Richard Murch, 14 April, 1737, Lebanon, Conn.

Lee, Mary, widow, and Isaac Watrous, 23 Dec, 1740, Lyme, Conn.

Lee, Mary and Francis Clark, 20 May, 1743, Chatham, Conn.

Lee, Mary and Daniel Dean, 29 June, 1755, Redding, Conn.

Lee, Mary and Paine Converse, 1 1 Dec, 1760, Thompson, Conn.

Lee, Mary and Eliphet Lyman, 3 May, 1790, Middletown, Conn.

Lee, Mary and Abraham Camp, 15 April, 1792, Norfolk, Conn.

Lee, Mary and William Perkins, 12 Feb., 1795, Lisbon, Conn.

Lee, Mehitable and William Kent, 21 June, 1756, Lyme, Conn.

Lewis, Mercy and Noah Portter, 10 May, 1764, Farmington, Conn.

Lee, Miles and Sybil Eells, 20 May, 1794, Glastonbury, Conn.

Lee, Nathan and Sarah Metcalf, 7 Oct., 1766, Norwich, Conn.

Lee, Nehemiah and Elizabeth Allyn, 2 Jan., 1728, Simsbury, Conn.

Lee, Nehemiah and Marcy Frost, 13 April, 1731, Simsbury, Conn.

Lee, Noah and Ellen Godfrey, 3 May, 1798, Weston, Conn.

Lee, Oren and Charlotte Hart, 2 Dec, 1784, Farmington, Conn.

Lee, Phineas ahd Eve Sherman, 22 June, 1758, Newtown, Conn.

Lee, Rebecca and Edmund Sherman, 2 July, 1740, Redding, Conn.

Lee, Rhoda and WilHam Bacon, 10 June, 1778, Middletown, Conn.

Lee, Robert and Hannah Cornwall, widow, 20 June, 1763, Middletown, Conn.

Lee, Ruth and Nathaniel Munger, 9 Feb., 1769, Norfolk, Conn.

Lee, Ruth and Asa Converse, 19 Jan., 1775, Thompson, Conn.

Lee, Samuel and Jane Trueman, 20 April, 1733, New London, Conn.

Lee, Samuel and Agnis Dickinson, 7 Nov., 1764, Haddam, Conn.

Lee, Samuel and Sybil Stanley, 17 Nov., 1784, Farmington, Conn.

Lee, Samuel and Esther Douglass, 25 July, 1793, New London, Conn.

Lee, Samuel H. P. and Elizabeth Sullivan, 30 March, 1 794, New London, Conn.

Lee, Samuel and Sally Burnett, 30 Oct., 1794, Berlin, Conn.

Lee, Samuel, Jr., and Lucy Gray, 25 March, 1797, Windham, Conn.

Lee, Sarah and Daniel Buckingham, 24 May, 1693, Saybrook, Conn.

Lee, Sarah and Daniel Hayse, 4 May, 1721, Simsbury, Conn.

Lee, Sarah and Daniel Mallery, 30 Nov., 1748, Redding, Conn.

Lee, Sarah and Noah Merrill, 12 April, 1759, Thompson, Conn.

Lee, Sarah and Isaac Bartlett, 27 Oct., 1780, Lebanon, Conn.

Lee, Sarah and Alfred Roberts, 29 Aug., 1821, Vernon, Conn.

Lee, Silas and Witelee Meeker, 23 Aug., 1769, Redding, Conn.

Lee. Simeon and Mehitable Cutler, 11 Oct.. 1758, N. Killingly, Conn.

Lee, Stephen and Elizabeth Royce, 2 Oct., 1 690, New London Co., Conn.

Lee, Stephen and Mercy Bentley, 20 May, 1 725, Lebanon, Conn.

Lee, Stephen and Mary Picket, 25 Jan., 1743, New London, Conn.

Lee, Stephen. Jr. and Mehitable Marvin, 25 Sept., 1745, Lyme, Conn.

Lee, Stephen and Lydia Metcalfe, 3 Sept., 1754, Norwich, Conn.

Lee, Stephen and Mary Gay, 22 Feb., 1759, Lebanon, Conn.

Lee, Stephen and Rebecca Smith, 28 June, 1761, New London, Conn.

Lee. Theodore and Olive Boardman, 10 Nov., 1768, Wethersfield, Conn.

Lee, Thomas. Sr. and Rachel Houlbrid, 19 Sept., 1723, Lebanon, Conn.

Lee, Thomas and Mrs. Mehetable Peck, 14 July, 1757, Lyme, Conn.

Lee, Thomas and widow Terrill, 22 Jan., 1770, Lyme, Conn.

Lee, Thomas and Constance Smith, 12 Aug., 1771, New London, Conn.

Lee, Timothy and Lucy Camp, 23 April, 1772, Southington. Conn.

Lee, Timothy and Grace Goodrich, 19 Oct., 1785, Chatham. Conn.

Lee, Tully and Lois Abell, 19 May, 1796, Lisbon, Conn.

Lee, Uriah and Ruth Utter, 13 April, 1758, Thompson, Conn.

Lee, William and Mary Jacobs, 7 Nov., 1769, Mansfield, Conn.

Lee, William and Prudence Ackley, 22 Dec, 1778, East Haddam, Conn.

SOURCE:  Vol. VII, No 10, October 1917 Genealogy: a journal of American ancestry

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